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Welcome to Nova Scotia Duck Doodles!

We raise beautiful Toller Doodles!

Nova Scotia Duck Doodles is a small, family run program where we raise beautiful Duck/Toller Doodles! A Duck or Toller Doodle is the combination of Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (Toller) and a poodle. Toller's are affectionate, friendly, and willing to please. They are the smallest size retriever and weigh between 30-50lbs. Our poodles are the moyen size poodle and weigh between 25-35lbs, making them an ideal cross for a Toller to provide a mini/medium size doodle. Moyen poodles are loyal, easygoing and highly intelligent. They have the sweet and gentle nature of the standard poodle while being smaller in size. We love both of these breeds and specifically choose loving, calm and mild tempered parents to produce the medium-low, easy going puppies we love. Duck Doodles are the perfect combination of these two breeds and end up with beautiful apricot, copper and red color coats with white markings. 

     Toller's make excellent family dogs or companions but due to their shedding style coats, they are not suitable for families with allergies or for those looking for low-no shedding coats. Duck doodles retain the beautiful color and structure of the Toller while having the low shedding, allergy friendly coat of the poodle. Duck doodles make wonderful family pets, companions, therapy/emotional support dogs, and as potential hunting dogs. Our focus is on producing family friendly, loving companions. Anyone looking for a specific performance or therapy dog would need to contact us to see if we think our puppies could fit that role. 


If your are interested in one of our puppies please email us at


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