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Is a Duck/Toller Doodle the Right Breed for me?

If you are looking for a loving companion with a low-no shedding coat, then Yes! Toller Doodles are easy going, willing to please and affectionate. They are great as companions, family dogs or as potential therapy dogs. Some may even be trained for hunting/agility. 


What is a Duck/Toller Doodle?

A Duck Doodle is the combination of a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and a poodle. They make wonderful family pets, companions, therapy dogs, and potential hunting dogs. They are happy go lucky, love people, and are the ideal recreational dog. They typically love water and are up for any activity!

Are Duck Doodles Hypoallergenic?

Duck Doodles tend to be very allergy friendly and low-no shedding dogs! Their coats are either the straight, wavy or curly style depending on which generation you have. 

What are the different generation of Duck Doodles?

The first generation, or the F1 generation, is the cross between a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and a poodle. This generation is 50% toller and 50% poodle and is the generation we are currently producing. An f1b generation is the cross between an f1 Duck Doodle and a poodle. This generation is 75% poodle and 25% toller. The f2b/multi generation is the cross between 2 duck doodles and the percentage of poodle to toller varies depending on the parents genetic makeup. 

***We may be expecting the f1b generation the end of 2024.

How are your puppies raised?

Our puppies are raised in a loving home with our family. We focus on early neurological stimulation in the beginning and as they get older we start on early socialization to ensure happy and well adjusted dogs. Our puppies are introduced to the crate, leash training and basic obedience training. We strive to ensure our puppies are given the best upbrining where they can grow and become the amazing family companions we pride ourselves in producing. 

Do you health test your parent dogs and do you offer any health guarantees? 

Yes! We genetically test our parent dogs and we have OFA testing on the father. We offer an initial 2 week guarantee to take your puppy to the vet after getting your puppy to ensure the puppy is in good health. We also offer an extended 1 year genetic health guarantee. 

What do your puppies come home with?

Our puppies go home with a well visit from our vet, their first set of vaccines, and up to date on dewormings. We also send them with a puppy go bag which includes a leash, collar, toy and scented blanket. 

What is the process of adopting one of your puppies?

The first step in adopting one of our puppies is setting up a phone call to meet and discuss what type of dog would fit your lifestyle. We then require a $200.00 deposit that goes toward the total adoption fee to reserve a puppy or hold your place on a waitlist. 

Are Duck/Toller Doodles High Energy?

No! There is a common misconception that Tollers are high energy. Tollers, like golden retrievers and labs, are bred for different roles. The lines that we use for our duck/toller doodles have low-medium low energy levels and are specifically bred for families and for therapy work. Our duck doodles are often more mellow than many other doodle crosses such as goldendoodles, labradoodles ect. This is partly due to our mild tempered tollers but also because we use moyen size poodles that are known to have the calm disposition of the standard poodle. 

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